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'Why Choose Us?'

Euro Auto Technik is the brainchild of Mr. Amar Sagoo, and was established in the year 1998 with the sole aim to cater to even the minutest of the vehicles issues concerning with high standards of services. This principal is still strictly followed by us even after around two decades. Our quality of services is also vouched by all our happy clients who trust us immensely with their vehicles since years.

Amar Sagoo – The Mechanical Visionary and a Benevolent Expert Technician

Having a an experience in the industry for more 25 years, and spending a good amount of his time working with the car manufacturing honcho, Mercedes Benz UK,

Amar Sagoo was always fascinated towards the mechanisms of the different vehicles and with time he honed up his calibers to be updated the on-goings of the automotive industry and the various tools and technologies of the modern times in order to provide with nothing but the best services.

The Expert MOT Tester Working for the Safety and Security of the Occupants of the Vehicles.
Strictly adhering to the guidelines as laid by the Department of Transport, the experts of Euro Auto Technik carry out and perform the required MOT tests in the different vehicles, and are highly transparent with their clients to notify them about the minimum criteria required to be met by the vehicles and the parts and portions which might need their attention in the near future.

The team of experts, working in the profession, is highly skilled and their experience of over 40 years in the industry speaks on behalf of their credibility. With the tenure that they have served with Amar so far, they have become more than just mere employees; they are, in fact, family.

We Offer the Best Internships in the Industry
We believe in carrying forward our legacy in the budding learners.

And, with this thought, we look forward to offer exclusive internship facilities to the students and young learners by providing them with a detailed insight of our work and the various procedures we follow.

We understand the challenges of the industry in this fiercely competitive environment, and hence prepare our students for the same.

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